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圣家堂算是个有历史的天主教堂,位于新加坡东区的马林百列 / 加东。早在1902年,当时聚居在加东的欧亚人就有建立教堂的概念。后来,在几个欧亚族家庭的合力下,他们购买土地,于1922年立基,次年11月完工。由于东部天主教徒逐年增加,1931年教堂被拆除重建。1969年,再度因为教友数目的剧增,重新装修扩建。因着同样的理由,1997年,教堂再度被铲平,这次的重建耗时甚久,终于2000年落成为一座楼高四层宏伟壮观,美轮美奂的大堂。

圣家堂虽然历史悠久,但是华文团体的建立却很浅短。1981年,当时的本堂曾泰坤神父允许教友组成华文圣母军团体。3月15日,“宠爱之母”支团就在圣家堂成立,当时共有十一位教友加入圣母军。1995年,杜世昌神父被派至圣家堂,在他的努力不懈下,圣家堂的第一台主曰华语弥撒终于在2000年1月1日,在新教堂开幕时正式与教友见面。从此,圣家堂在每个星期六晚上八时举行华语弥撒。2002年,吴德理神父接任为本堂神父。他是个双语兼通的神父,非常支持华文团体。2004年,他在圣家堂成立第一屆堂区牧灵理事会(Parish Pastoral Council),把华英团体和谐的拉拢在一起,共同策划堂区的牧灵方向。在2005年的圣家堂主保日,他更促使堂区第一次以中英联合的方式举行感恩弥撒,让教友能一起共融在基督的圣爱中。这一切安排,奠定了堂区华英团体合作的基础。




Inspired by Fr John Baptist Tou in late 1999, the Mandarin Group was established to meet and serve the needs of the Mandarin speaking community in our parish. On the first Saturday of the new millennium, 1st January 2000 at 8.00 pm, the first Mandarin mass was celebrated at the newly-built Church of the Holy Family.

The current Parish Priest, Fr Patrick Goh, is very supportive of the Mandarin community. In 2004, he encouraged the Mandarin Group to integrate into the larger groups of the parish communities by taking part in the formation of the first Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). This was a significant move as it paved the way for greater cooperation between the English and Mandarin speaking communities, and allowed for both groups to jointly participate in church activities as one united body.

Currently there are eight organisations within the group that support the Mandarin Mass every Saturday evening at 8pm:

  • Choir – practises every Saturday before and after the 8pm mass.
  • Lectors – meet once every two months for reading practice.
  • Wardens - members who serve with passion; they meet as and when required.
  • Legion of Mary – meets every Monday at 7pm.
  • Bible Study group – meets every Wednesday at 8pm.
  • Evergreen group – for all members above 50 years of age. They meet every third Sunday of the month at 2.30pm.
  • Sunday Canteen – we serve at the canteen once every three months

All parishioners are welcome to join any of these groups.



Weekday Masses (in English)
6.30 am (Mondays to Saturdays)
6.30 pm (Mondays to Fridays)
9.30 am (Public Holidays)

Saturday Sunset Mass (in English)
5.30 pm

Saturday Sunset Mass (in Mandarin)
8.00 pm

Sunday Masses (in English)
7.30 am
9.30 am
11.30 am
5.30 pm

Saturday Novena (in English)
4.30 pm

Columbarium Visits no longer require a prior booking. Click here for more info.

Adoration Room will remain closed.



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Getting here

East Coast Rd: 10, 12, 14, 32, 40, 47
Still Road: 13, 55, 966
Marine Parade: 15, 16,  31,  36, 43, 47. 48, 134, 135, 196, 197, 966

Nearest MRT station is Eunos (~2.5km)

Parish Office Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 9am to 9.30 pm
Weekends: 9am to 6pm
Lunch Break: 1pm to 2pm

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