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Like Christ, catechists are storytellers and inspirers who share their faith experiences with children and teenagers, taking them on a faith journey to Christ.

  • Parish catechism
  • Family catechism
  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS)

The parish catechism is divided into the children and youth sections. In the former, catechism is provided for children from seven to 12 years old, while in the latter, 13 to 16 years old. Children’s catechism is held on Saturdays (4pm to 5.15pm for Levels One to Six). Youth catechism is held on Sundays (9.15am to 10.45am for Levels Seven to Ten).

Due to the large number of children and limited availability of catechists, we are always on the look-out for parent volunteers to assist the catechists in the classrooms. Their involvement would be in the children’s section, where they would help to look after the safety of the children, mark their attendance, and play various supporting roles in classroom activities.

Youth facilitators assist the catechists in the youth section. They are youth aged from 17 to 25 years and are commissioned as youth facilitators after attending a 24-week formation programme. They are an invaluable part of the catechetical ministry and serve as the sounding board and an effective communication channel for the youth.

To further diversify and rationalise the roles and strengths of each individual, there is another category of level assistants. These are for parishioners who are comfortable with using their administrative, logistical and process skills. They serve in the respective level allocated.


Our spiritual director is Fr Damian de Wind. The ministry is led by three coordinators respectively coordinating formation, policies and resources. Each level is in turn led by a level coordinator. The CGS and Family Catechists have their respective coordinators as well.


Aspiring catechists will undergo a Basic Catechist Course before being commissioned as Catechists. This course is held every Saturday from 2 to 4pm. It is conducted in modules stretching over a period of approximately 24 weeks – 12 weeks of formal lessons plus 12 weeks of classroom attachment. Application forms are available from the parish catechist office located beside the parish house.



Weekday Masses (in English)
6.30 am (Mondays to Saturdays)
6.30 pm (Mondays to Fridays)
9.30 am (Public Holidays)

Saturday Sunset Mass (in English)
5.30 pm

Saturday Sunset Mass (in Mandarin)
8.00 pm

Sunday Masses (in English)
7.30 am
9.30 am
11.30 am
5.30 pm

Saturday Novena (in English)
4.30 pm

Columbarium Visits no longer require a prior booking. Click here for more info.

Adoration Room will remain closed.



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