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We aim to reach out to the vulnerable, elderly and wheelchair-bound to bring the love of Christ to them. We started off with the elderly residing in the Marine Parade  and the Neighbourhood Christian Community(NCC) precincts, in Marine Drive, Marine Crescent and Marine Terrace.

Our aim was simple: simply to spread , love cheer, friendship and more importantly, to bring Christ  to them. A journey that takes us closer to the less privileged is also a journey that brings us closer to Jesus.

Our Befrienders' Group was piloted in Marine Terrace, Marine Crescent NCCs.

We make at least two monthly home visits and pray with them and for them. We make follow up calls to check on them  to keep us updated on their progress.

In July, The Befrienders Group brought their Befriendees and the vulnerable Elderly from the Neighbourhood Christian Community, (NCC) for the 11.30am Mass followed by fellowship, fun, games and prizes.befriend01

The Elderly, those without wheelchairs, as well as the wheelchair-bound had a wonderful time as shown on their happy faces.

We, as Befrienders also had a fun filled as well as spiritual experience.

We hope we had brought our Lord’s Love to each of our vulnerable elders as well as to those involved. Read on for their ‘Reflection.’

It was our first time helping out at a Befrienders’ event. Most of us experienced feelings of nervousness and uncertainty. We did not know what to expect and dutifully carried out the tasks we were assigned to – be it preparing for the Bingo game or ensuring the sound system was functioning well.

As the time drew closer, slowly one by one they entered the canteen – the befrienders and befriendees. Some were strangers, some friends, and others just mere acquaintances, but we did not focus on that. Our priority always was,  to “Ensure everything was in order”. However, as the day progressed, we could feel that this was not just another random church event. Our attitude towards the event changed from being task-oriented to focusing on the seniors and making sure everyone was having fun. What truly left the biggest impression on us was the spirit of the event, we believe even Fr Pat who was present probably felt as  strongly too.

For that one day, we felt the love of being in a community, no airs, no masks. All we experienced were genuine smiles and happiness from all those present. It really touched us when the befriendees were sporting enough  and joined us in the dancing and singing. For us being with the seniors on that day gave us abundant love and joy.

At the end of the day, we are doing all these to find God in our own lives as well, and that day, we found him, we found him in each and everyone present there.



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Columbarium Visits no longer require a prior booking. Click here for more info.

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Getting here

East Coast Rd: 10, 12, 14, 32, 40, 47
Still Road: 13, 55, 966
Marine Parade: 15, 16,  31,  36, 43, 47. 48, 134, 135, 196, 197, 966

Nearest MRT station is Eunos (~2.5km)

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