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Mother’s Day is celebrated in Singapore and in parts of America, annually on the second Sunday in May. Having been know as Mothering Sunday, once upon a time, this annual event honours mothers of all ages.

Mothers hold a special place in all our hearts. They give birth to us, nurture us, protect us and literally will lay down their lives for us. Through the ages mothers have always played multiple roles in our lives. Mum, nursemaid, cooks, chauffeur, counselor, vet and the list goes on.

As society progressed, the roles of mothers increased. Today many a mother juggles a career and raising children. How do mothers do it? Manage it all and yet not complain.

I grew up with a strict mother, who always taught my siblings and me to be polite and considerate. We were taught to be respectful and she never spared the rod to spoil the child. She ensured we never went hungry. When times were hard, she was always finding creative ways to cook. She would save the best for us and eat whatever was left.  In my home as in many of my friends’ homes, it was always mums, who taught us to say our prayers and would make sure we prayed before bedtime.

Somehow the narrative does not change in most homes. I think a mothers’ love is universal. It is timeless and perennial. And it is for this very reason, that they are feted annually, showered with love and wined and dined and presented with gifts galore, because they have earned it.

Oprah Winfrey considers a Mother’s job to be, ‘The Most important one in the world.’ I could not agree more. Mother’s rule the world and hence the saying “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Yet there may be times, when we take our mums for granted. I know I do, nags too much is a refrain, I often use. “Too controlling is something, I always, say. Growing up friend’s of mine and I would often say, “That all mothers go to the same school. “ They always seem to know when we had fibbed, hidden a test paper that we’d performed badly and how they always needed to use the phone, just when you were talking to your new crush.  Yes nothing escaped our mothers.

Yet as my mother ages, I sometimes wish, I could wave a magic wand and turn her back to the thirty-year-old mum who would threaten to smack me for not doing my math homework.

I know as my mum ails , that I would kill to have her cook her mouth- watering curries  and rendangs. I even miss her nagging. So treasure our mums as we rightly should, their journeys like ours on this earth are temporary. In closing, here’s a  child’s perspective of the power of a Mum.  At Catechism  class , a teacher asked her students to share stories about their mums. This little boy, said, “My mum always  says even Jesus listened to his mother, so you better do”. And of course  he went on  to share the parable of the “Wedding in Cana.”

So the greatest gift to our mums is our time. Cherish the times we have with them.

Let us also remember our beloved Mother Mary on this Mother’s Day. God bless all mums and mums -to-be.


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