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  The December rain had put paid to my usual morning walk at the reservoir. Feeling slightly annoyed and faulting the rain, which farmers all over the world need, I felt a tinge of guilt. I went about my rather long drawn day of rushed meetings and reports feeling harassed.
That evening, I headed to my neighbourhood park for some much needed exercise. There I was greeted by the lively chatter and happy laughter of kids. I was glad to see them out in the park, instead of being home glued to their computers or I pads. They were no doubt enjoying the last few precious days of their school holidays.
While doing my rounds, I overheard the one of them who appeared to be the leader ask, "So what are you getting for X’mas?" They all looked no older than 10. All but one, rattled off their wish list. Suddenly, there was silence. “Vanessa, what about you?” they chorused.
Vanessa with her head bowed low, said sadly, “My sis and I are not getting any presents this year.” Probed by the others, she went on, “My Dad lost his job and so mum did not put up the tree, we have to save money.”
What happened next blew me away. “Group hug! Group hug!” chorused the one who appeared to be the leader. They got into a circle and with arms across one another, shared hugs.
The leader then said, “You can come to my house and take some of mine, I have so many.” The others too, echoed the same thing. Vanessa politely declined fearing her mum’s anger. I suspect these girls are from the Catholic school nearby as they say, “Van, we’ll pray for your family.” I was so impressed by these girls. I silently thanked their families for instilling sound values in them, their school and catechists for teaching them their “faith”.
That night at prayers, I offered one for the unknown man and his family and for others like him who had lost their jobs. Like the miracle at Bethlehem, I prayed they too would receive a Christmas Miracle.





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