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Ours are the voices you hear glorifying the words of the Lord at all the masses. The Lectors Ministry in our parish is as old as the church itself. Lectors were needed as early as when the very first mass was celebrated.  

Our aim is proclaim the glory of the Lord's word, so that it may enter the hearts of God's people and inspire them to live it in their everyday lives. There are about 30 to 40 of us serving at the various masses. This works out such that we each serve at one or two masses every month.  

As a ministry, we meet once every month. We also perform canteen duty in church twice a year, and meet for fellowship and meals every quarter.

Most of us are driven to serve by a desire to make God's word come to life, and to answer God's call to serve during the celebration of Mass.

Some memorable moments include a previous Maundy Thursday "Lord's Supper" and the Day of Recollection Celebrations. At Maundy Thursday, a group of us connected with the newly baptised. It was a very spiritual experience reading the Word of God in a solemn atmosphere and dim environment to those who had newly joined the faith, and serving them with simple food and hot cross buns. There was also the ritual Washing of Feet which was a very humbling experience in which we connected with the Elect, with sincerity.  

At our Day of Recollection, Brother Matthew Tan of the Jesuit Order led us. It was very intriguing to explore how we could better understand and fulfill our role as lectors through exercises introduced by Brother Matthew, through song, and reflection and contemplation of scripture in silence, solitude and with our eyes closed. Not only did we realise how we could proclaim God's word more effectively, we also learned a bit more of the ways of the Jesuit Order.

During Advent, we had fellowship at one of our members’ homes. We also got together before the Lunar New Year
In February just before Chinese New Year and prepared food such as Olive Rice, Otak, sandwiches and Curry to feed hungry parishioners during canteen duty.   All of us enjoy serving, the Lord and our parish and look forward to reading at mass and sharing God’s word.


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6.15 am (Mondays to Saturdays)
6.15 pm (Mondays to Fridays)
8.30 am (Public Holidays)

Saturday Sunset Masses
6.00 pm (English)
8.00 pm (Mandarin)

Sunday Masses
7.15 am
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6.00 pm

30 minutes before weekend masses

5.00 pm Saturday


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