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We are a Catholic youth and young adults choir from the Church of the Holy Family, Katong. Formed in 1983, we sing for the Saturday sunset or 6pm mass. We are about 30 strong.

Genesis II Mission Statement
- An avenue for youths and young adults to discover and use our talents to serve God and the parish through the Liturgy/Mass.


Every Saturday evening, we strive to inspire our congregation with our brand of soulful Catholic music. We also join in any combined choir for large- scale church events such as the Easter Vigil & Christmas Midnight Mass, and are ready to serve the church whenever called upon.

On top of our regular Saturday night practices, we have monthly input sessions, and a year-end retreat. Previous events that we have planned include the Lenten vigil, Easter concert, June fun camp, December retreat, carolling and presentation and  the pageant before Christmas Midnight Mass.


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6.15 am (Mondays to Saturdays)
6.15 pm (Mondays to Fridays)
8.30 am (Public Holidays)

Saturday Sunset Masses
6.00 pm (English)
8.00 pm (Mandarin)

Sunday Masses
7.15 am
9.15 am
11.30 am
6.00 pm

30 minutes before weekend masses

5.00 pm Saturday


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